LFD Knowledge

                 LFDs are the best solution to bring your vision to life on the big screen. Your messages can stand out in a crowd with our fully-integrated LFD solutions. An unrivalled combination of design and integration expertise, high quality core professional display and audio systems technologies, and experienced professionals make it all happen. These exciting LFDs leverage cutting-edge technology and offer the latest in advanced features available today.

Why Large Format Displays


Samsung Edge LED LFDs
           Samsung Edge LED solutions utilize LED lamps around the edge of the panel so the LEDs emit light around the side of the panel. This results in a much thinnerscreen that requires fewer lamps than conventional LED displays meaning reduced power consumption and less heat generated. Our new range of Samsung Edge LED displays is lighter than previous LFDs models yet they offer heavy weight communication solutions for any modern business looking to convey concise marketing or educational messages. The edge type design allows the unique slimness, which means less space is needed for the unit and they can sit flush against the wall giving a more sophisticated stylish look ideal for retail, hospitality,conference and corporate scenarios




Samsung CCFL LFDs
           Built using industry standard cold cathodefluorescent lamp (CCFL) technology, Samsung CCFL LFDs provide a solid, reliable and economical solution to meet your display needs. Take thehassles out of your communications with apowerful and flexible screen from the Samsung range. Featuring an innovative design that allows for quick and easy video walls and built-inspeakers for a full multimedia experience, it will really help your business stand out in a crowd. Providing Full HD resolution at an affordable price, Samsung LFDs delivers your message with power and precision.





Samsung Direct LED LFDs

           At Samsung, we’ve taken everything, we’ve learned from creating impactful visual displays and applied it to our new line-up of Direct LED LFDs. Direct LED Displays, the LEDs are situated behind the panel and the light is emitted from behind, this gives a better picture quality and more realistic colours than CCFL based LFDs. Thanks to Direct LED you can enjoy innovation LED technology for less, while the slim and light design, plus low power consumption, meansusers can enjoy a richer viewing experience.


Samsung Specialty LFDs

           As leader in the visual display market, Samsung understands how important it is to communicate a clear and concise message. That’s why Samsung has developed a new specialty line up ofcustomizable LFDs that can be configured to meet your specific business requirements. The Samsung LFDs solution is tailor-made to meet the highest standards of almost any business through its slim design, wide range of screen sizes and easy installation, along with paralleled support to help you make the most of your investment for
maximum impact.


Multi Experience


Multi Touch
Draw a crowd with a differentiated user experience

        The multi-touch capabilities of the Samsung SUR40 enables groups of consumers to interact with multimedia contents, play games, create special effects, and even manipulate art and photographs, in a truly unique and compelling way. The multi-touch technology is sophisticated enough to simultaneously recognize and respond to more than 50 discrete points of contact.







Multi User
Push the boundaries of multi-user applications
The Samsung SUR40, with its multi-touch sensing capabilities, pushes the boundaries of user interaction
and creates a new world of social and multi-user applications. The SUR40 also encourages a new approach
to collaboration that will completely change the way we communicate with one another. Now multiple users
can use the same surface area to work on individual projects as well as a single project with multiple




Tag Identification
Create unique tags for greater efficiency

          Many industries including retail and financia services use similar form factors when delivering information to their customers, such as room keys and cards for payment. By creating a unique surface tag for each object, multiple form factors can be placed on top of the Samsung SUR40, while still being easily distinguishable from one another. These tags consist of geometric arrangements
of infrared reflective and areas of absorption. They can be integrated into applications that are specific to your business needs. 




Enhance your network capabilities

          Installed with four USB ports, you can expand the capabilities and increase the versatility of the Samsung SUR40. The USB ports allow you to connect any USB capable peripheral, such as bar code scanners, video cameras,
laptops and printers; to create an even more powerful business solution. The Samsung SUR40 also utilizes an 802.11n Wi-Fi router to communicate with a diversified range of devices such as, smart phones, tablets and even a cloud computer. It is also designed with the latest in Bluetooth technology and Ethernet capabilities, rounding out a more comprehensive and powerful network.





Powerful Computing
Utilize increased computing power to your advantage

           The Samsung SUR40 takes powerful computing to a new level with its comprehensive line up of high-performance hardware. The Athlon™ II X2 2.9GHz Dual-Core processor helps you save time, by making multitasking fast and easy. Show your graphics at their optimum with the extremely fast and powerful AMD Radeon™ HD 6570M desktop graphics card. Together with four built in 5W speakers, the Samsung SUR40 will deliver a fully-immersive user experience.


Pixel Sense

See more with PixelSenseTM technology
          Using PixelSenseTMtechnology, the new SamsungSUR40 display can now recognize and visualizeobjects placed in its surface without the use of cameras beneath the screens. This core technology has the ability see reflections and illuminate objects on the physical surface. PixelSenseTMis able to achieve this by essentially transforming each pixel of an object into a camera, which also allows the screens to become much thinner for greater versatility.